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About Us

What We Stand For

Whether you’re a landowner feeling manipulated or bullied, a neighbor, a protector of Back Creek or an environmentalist who wants clean energy infrastructure, we are here to collectively stand together in opposing Mountaineer Gas and ensuring each voice is heard.

For information on how to get involved, when our next meeting will be or just to get relevant information, contact us at info@easternpanhandleprotectors.com

  • img_0308 T & J, Land Owners

    As land owners who are directly in the path of Mountaineer Gas, we've gone through an array of questions and emotions when speaking with our initial Mountaineer Gas rep. The first face-to-face conversation included a variety of topics including eminent domain, questions that we've still not received answers to and expectations to be forced into accepting a dollar value for easement rights. For a company that is asking us to accommodate their request to strip our land, they've done very little in being responsive to questions and concerns we've had.