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About the Proposed Mountaineer Pipeline

The Mountaineer Pipeline is a 10 inch distribution line proposed to connect to the TransCanada feeder Pipeline in Northern Morgan County and run through all 3 counties in the Eastern Panhandle. Mountaineer Gas has a projected cost of 45 million dollars and has stated that they can recoup most of their cost thanks to SB390 which went into affect last year. Through SB390, Mountaineer Gas can apply to the PSC to recoup at least part of its investment in infrastructure expansion, essentially using our tax dollars to put a line in that no person or business has asked for.

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The proposed line would run a total of 56 miles with a depth of 3-4 feet underground, presenting concerns for local farm-owners when operating their machinery. The current planned route includes 100 creek and wetland crossings, including Back Creek and Sleepy Creek. It will need 140 parcels of land-owners rights to complete the pipeline, as of December 2016 Mountaineer stated that they had a third of those secured.

Many landowners in Morgan and Berkeley Counties have stated that they have been bullied by the company when seeking permission to survey their land and buy the rights of way. Many have stated that the company has told them “they might as well sell the land, before it is taken by eminent domain anyways.” Eminent domain is supposedly only utilized when an infrastructure project is serving the public good, Mountaineer Gas has stated that this is not for public utilities, but rather for future business and commercial interest.

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Below is a Google map of the proposed route that stretches across Morgan and Berkeley County, West Virginia.

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    As land owners who are directly in the path of Mountaineer Gas, we've gone through an array of questions and emotions when speaking with our initial Mountaineer Gas rep. The first face-to-face conversation included a variety of topics including eminent domain, questions that we've still not received answers to and expectations to be forced into accepting a dollar value for easement rights. For a company that is asking us to accommodate their request to strip our land, they've done very little in being responsive to questions and concerns we've had.

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